Notice to Quit (Section 21)

Landlords use this form to terminate a tenancy, even if the tenant hasn’t breached the agreement.

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Ensure compliance with a Section 21 Notice that is:

Legally Current: Diligently maintained to align with the latest legal standards.

Guidance Notes Included: Offers clear, user-friendly instructions for comprehensive and accurate service.

Instantly Accessible: Readily available for download and via email, allowing for convenient use at your discretion.

When to Use this Section 21 Notice

This notice is ideal for landlords who own properties under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST), especially when the fixed term is about to end or has already been completed. Proper service of this notice is crucial for its enforceability – ensuring that your tenants understand their obligations without any room for disputes.

  • A Section 21 Notice is a legal document that can be used to assert your rights over a property without any dispute. It is a prescribed document that is recognized by law.
  • Section 21 Checklist: A Step-by-Step Guide to Ensure Compliance and Avoid Missing Anything.
  • Section 21 Covering Letter: Ensure clear communication with tenants and create a professional impression.”
  • Certificate of Service: Certify your due diligence with an official certificate to reduce disputes.
  • New Tenancy Agreement Template: Easily switch to a new tenancy with our complimentary agreement.

Section 21 Notice Features and Benefits

  • This format has been approved by the courts and is recognized and accepted by judicial systems for use in eviction proceedings.
  • Tenancy Flexibility allows for ending tenancies or renegotiating terms, including rental adjustments.
  • This document’s validity is indefinite, meaning it remains effective for future use without the need for re-issuance.”

You will receive guidance notes written in plain English with each notice to ensure you can understand it quickly, even without legal knowledge. You can download the Government Section 21 Form and other forms without our guidance notes from here. However, we strongly advise you to seek independent legal advice.



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