Lodger Agreement

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This agreement is designed for residents and non-resident landlords sharing a flat or house. Unlike the Assured Tenancy Agreement, this agreement permits the landlord or lodger to terminate the agreement at any time. However, if the landlord is a non-resident, they must give the lodger at least four weeks’ notice before agreeing.

This agreement consists of the following clauses:

1. Term
2. Total Rent
3. Total Deposit
4. Early Termination
5. Important Notice
6. Inventory
7. Terms and Conditions

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2. Section 21 Notice
3. Multiple Tenancy
4. Standing Order Mandate Form
5. Guarantee Letter
6. Guarantor
7. Guarantor Agreement
8. Renewal of Tenancy Agreement
9. Letter to Previous Landlord for a Reference
10. Inventory Report

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