Landlord Property Inventory

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To ensure that all your belongings are adequately accounted for, it is essential to list each room’s contents, including furniture, appliances, decorations, and any existing defects or damages. 

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Before a tenant moves into a rental property, the landlord or agent must create a property inventory. This document should be agreed upon by both parties to avoid any disputes that may arise in the future. Having a property inventory ensures that both the landlord and the tenant are aware of the property’s condition and contents at the start of the tenancy.

What sorts of things should the inventory cover?

When a property owner rents their property, it is essential to create a landlord property inventory. This document should include all the items that are part of the lease and any damages, if present. Additionally, it should mention standard furnishings and fittings, making selecting and preparing the property much easier and quicker. If required, the document can be easily extended to include additional rooms and items of the property. Once both parties have agreed on the content, the tenant should sign the document.

Below are some of the categories of items that should be included in a landlord property inventory:

Please provide details on the following aspects of the property:

– Appliances: This includes ovens, microwaves, fridge-freezers, washing machines, and any other appliances on the property.

– Furniture: Kindly describe the condition of all furniture available on the property.

– Decoration: Has there been any damage to the walls, flooring, carpets, or any other decorative aspects of the property?

– Heating & Plumbing: Are all radiators, plumbing and water heating systems in good working order?

– Electrical items: Please make a note of any electrical appliances and the condition of the wiring.

– Outdoor areas: This includes any outbuildings, sheds, gardens, and other outdoor areas on the property.

Having an up-to-date, accurate and agreed landlord property inventory is essential for the landlord and tenant.

By downloading a comprehensive and customizable landlord property inventory, you can simplify and speed up the selection and preparation process while avoiding future disputes. Landlords and their agents are encouraged to download this document today for an easy-to-use solution.



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