Section 8 Notice to Quit

Landlords use this form to inform tenants they wish to reclaim their property. It should only be used in certain situations, such as when the tenant has not paid rent or violated the lease agreement’s terms. Helpful guidance notes accompany the form.



About this Section 8 Notice

The Section 8 Notice is a legal document utilized to end an assured shorthold tenancy agreement before the fixed term ends. This notice is issued when the tenant fails to comply with one or more of the obligations outlined in the tenancy agreement. The most common reason for giving this notice is late or non-payment of rent.

The law relating to this notice

This notice complies with the Housing Act 1988 and 1996. For more information, please read about Section 8.

When to use this Section 8 Notice

Landlords in England and Wales can use this notice to terminate an assured shorthold tenancy agreement. Before taking legal action, the landlord must serve this notice to the tenants, which usually persuades tenants to leave the property without a court order. The notice serves as a warning that the agreement has been breached, and a further breach may lead to legal action.

The Housing Act outlines the grounds for serving a notice to quit. Non-payment or late payment of rent, property or content damage, or disturbance of neighbours and residents are the most common reasons for serving a Section 8 notice.

However, a Section 8 notice is only valid during the fixed term of the tenancy.


  • Section 8 Notice
  • Section 8 Guidance (step by step)
  • Section 8 covering letter to give to your tenant with it
  • Section 8 Checklist
  • Rent Arrears Pack – Letters to Tenant (X5)

Excellent Guidance Notes Included

This legal document includes a plain English guide for completing and understanding legal terms. It is user-friendly and straightforward.

Section 8 Notice features and contents

This text refers to a legal document that can be used to rent out a property. The document follows an official format recognized by courts and can be used to warn tenants of a breach of the agreement. It can also be used to obtain possession and money orders. Additionally, the document includes a last-arrears letter that needs to be served with the form. If you only need the prescribed form without any solicitor guidance or notes, you can obtain it for free here at no cost.



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