Housing Act 1988

The Housing Act of 1988 concerned itself with the private rented sector and was used to cover many of the UK legislation laws for this sector.

By spending more than 250 hours, the government has prepared these laws to make the private renting Sector much more efficient and fairer to the landlords. All the rulespassedwerews come to The Housing Act 1988 covers all the legal responsibilities and statutory rights for tenants and landlords.

It’s pretty standard to see conflicts between various clauses mentioned in the Tenancy Agreement and the statutory rights mentioned in the Housing Act. The main reason is that many notorious and novice landlords modify these agreements without considering the statutory rights. If this type of case arises, the tenancy agreement is deemed invalid, as the ruling law is the Housing Act, and it cannot be overruled.

The Official Housing Act 1988 can be accessed online.

Since the Housing Act 1988 was introduced, many drastic revisions have been made; prominent revisions were added to the Housing Act 1996.


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